A community of individuals coming together from all different walks of life to partake in a lifestyle that’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion.


Since 2013, Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club has done more than refine car community: We've created one. Guided by a statewide vision, we fuse unique automotive cultures from around the Midwest to create an entirely new way to be a part of the automotive community. 

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New gear

New year, new gear.

Check out the Cars We Drive Tee:


Speedway show

Join us for our fifth annual LaCrosse Speedway Show! Bringing together burnouts, exhaust competitions, tug of war, foot races, and trophies for one fun-filled event.



Help us represent the largest Midwest car club with our innovative and stylish apparel and accessories.


meet our team

Meet our diverse, enthusiast team that helps organize and run our events every year.