Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club



Who We Are

Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club brings back the true mentality of car culture. All makes, all models, all ages. The true car community isn't gauged by the "style" of one dominant culture, but the variety of passion that every person sees on the streets. W.C.E.C. has only two core values : to be respectful for all makes, models, types, and people and to always share the passion for the automotive community.


Current Designers

Original Design - Cari Kaiser (262.389.1361)

Graphic Work: Monte Hawkins

Graphic Work Cont.: Brandon Deuster


How to Join

1.) Join our Facebook page here.

2.) Join our newsletter by completing the information that shows up on our homepage here.

3.) Post an introduction on our Facebook forum page and contribute to the various threads posted daily.

4.) Attend our month car events which occur from April to October of every year. A list of our events can be seen

5.) You are registered!