Being a part of W.C.E.C. allows for some incredible deals for anyone involved in our community! Below will be all of our deals and discounts that have been provided to us by various companies around the state of Wisconsin!




Your #1 stop for all your OIL needs.

AMSOIL has been our oldest partner since Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club was formed. Through our personal rep, Steve Millen, you will be able to get any sort of conventional or synthetic oil at a fraction of the cost of a normal business! AMSOIL can take your order via phone, email, or text. Their information is listed below!

Direct WCEC Link for all discounts:


Phone/Text : 715-256-7070

A.M. Productions | Automotive Millennial:

Creating Timeless Memories

A.M. Productions is a multi-media networking company that specializes in photography, cinematography, and business design. Located in Western Wisconsin, it has assisted over 150 clients in achieving their goals. Whether you are looking for a commercial photo-shoot or website design, AM Productions can assist you. Simply state your a WCEC member during consultation and receive 10% off any product or service!