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Season Opener Indoor Showcase & Meet


133 acres of land. 43,000 sq. ft. of indoor showcase space. 1,300 asphalt stalls. Are you ready?

Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club is excited to announce the 5th annual Season Opener Indoor Showcase & Meet. This year, we are growing the Season Opener event even further. With nearly 43,000 square feet of indoor showcase space, 133 acres of land, and enough asphalt stalls to host a concert, the Season Opener is built to be the ultimate start to the 2019 season. Hosting both an indoor automotive showcase and an outdoor meet & greet, this event is intended for all enthusiasts.

event information and pricing:

Meet & Greet Section - Outdoor parking for the event and open to all guests. This space is first come, first serve. Allows entry to view the indoor showcase, vendors, and entry into giveaway items.

Cost: $5 per vehicle

Indoor Vehicle Showcase Section - Enter to become 1 of 100 exclusive vehicles to be accepted into the 2 indoor sections of the 2019 Season Opener. Entry into the indoor section allows the following:

- Entry into (10) championship trophy classes
- Exclusive parking inside 1 of 2 showcase buildings
- 2019 Season Opener Tee & Entry into (1) Giveaway Box featuring items from our vendors
- Preschedule parking for event (Night before and morning)

Cost: $45

Reserved Outdoor VIP Parking - Optional : $20.00

If you wish to reserve your space at the event while parking in the primary area, you can apply for our 1B reserved outdoor parking. This space is pre-registration only and is reserved for you until 1:00PM. Vehicles which apply for this will be screened in a similar fashion to the indoor showcase pre-registration and is not available for all applicants. 

Our 10 classes are as follows:
- Best European in Showcase (1st & 2nd)
- Best Domestic in Showcase (1st & 2nd)
- Best Tuner in Showcase (1st & 2nd)
- Fitment Industries Fitment Choice (1st & 2nd)
- Best in Showcase (1st & 2nd)

Apply for the showcase here: COMING SOON!

Questions or comments? Please contact us at Alex@theofficialwcec.com

2019 Season Opener will incorporate an outdoor meet & greet that any enthusiast can attend. We encourage you ride-along with a friend or family if you currently do not own a modified vehicle, as we expect a large turnout.

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River Valley Road Rally
to Jun 4

River Valley Road Rally

Welcome to the greatest roads the Midwest has to offer.

Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club is proud to announce its first ever road rally. Labeled “River Valley Road Rally,” this one-day event on June 3, 2017, aims at providing our participants something they’ve never experienced before.

Starting in Eastern Wisconsin, RVRR will take our participants through three states, across 260 miles, and nine locations. Focusing on endurance, wit, and teamwork, this rally challenges the team to choose from multiple point opportunities to win.

After completing the rally with 50 other teams, drivers, sponsors, and invited guests will reconvene at The Lismore Hotel & Suites at 7:00PM to celebrate the day’s highlights and adventure. Dinner, drinks, and entertainment will be available as well as a complimentary standard suite.

Partnering with various local businesses throughout Wisconsin, each participant will be invited to participate in two vinyl application parties to represent your team in the rally. Vinyl application will be completed by TC Vinyl and will include companies such as: AM Productions, AMSOIL, D.H. Vinylworkx, TC Vinyl, and more.

Enclosed are materials detailing this year's driver participation options. If you have questions or would like further information on sponsorship or spectator options, please contact Alex at Alex@theofficialwcec.com




-          One Vehicle: $300.00

-          (Price includes one co-pilot. Additional participants are $50 per person.

-          Participation into an exclusive rally with one co-pilot

-          Vinyl kit application to your vehicle of choice. (Multiple colors available)

-          Complimentary standard suite for you and your co-pilot following the rally.

-          Road Rally Bag & Goodies

-          Exclusive RVRR T-Shirt for you and your co-pilot.

-          Night party invitation for trophy announcement, giveaways, and access to rooftop bar.

-          Complimentary business or club promotion on our social media outlets of your choosing.

-          1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies available.


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