The Beginning

When this idea first started, it was nothing more than a few guys and girls from Eau Claire. Now look at us, 17,000 strong. Numbers aren't quality but it feels damn good to be one of the largest car groups in the midwest. 

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Menomonie Car Meet & Greet

The beginning of the year meant some people began bringing out the summer beauties. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club is at all major events in the state of WI and it's neighboring states. If you got in touch with the official photographer/cinematographer, this is how you'll find your photos.




Photography is produced by various individuals throughout Wisconsin. Most photography is taken by A.M. Productions or Dakota Stone Photography



All official videos/film will be on the Youtube page below :


How to Contribute

Email – Email me your footage if you want to become involved in the videos! 1080p minimum | Credit will be given to the contributor.

Discount - Want some extra attention? Get in touch with W.C.E.C.'s email with some sweet deals and you'll be getting tons of email in no time!